Saturday, January 23, 2010

C stands for Cars! Saratoga Automobile Museum

A few years ago I walked into this next site, my "C" picture place (for cars) and I fell in love. You know that feeling, when you see someone and your knees feel shaky, the room goes hazy and you are a goner from the start.

But this wasn't a someone, it was a something. It was a stunning white Shelby Mustang with a black interior. I think if I had 100,000 dollars in my pocket I would have tried to buy it. It truly was love at first sight.

So I set out to get a picture of it. As it turns out, the museum turns over its collection and years have passed since I saw that car. On my visit, the museum had The Jack Gillette Corvette Collection on display (until May 2, 2010). It seems I will have to wait to see my long lost love, tbat Shelby Mustang. In any event, I found stunning cars to photograph. By the way, I tracked down a link to the Shelby. Here it is, judge for yourself.  This is not my picture by the way but it is the same car.

The Museum is located in the Saratoga Spa park just up from the Gideon Putnam Hotel.

As I started out on the tour I came across these very nice cars. By the way, I have to give credit to the guide that the museum gave me for some of my descriptions below. So keep that in mind.

A 1975 Corvette Convertible. This would be the last year for a convertible until 1986, Federal regulations were now requiring no-lead fuel and catalytic converters were required, A big-block option was not available, and engine outputs were sharply curtailed.

Next I came to this really cool limited-edition silver and black 78 Pace Car Replica showcased during Corvettes' 25th Anniversary. It was listed at $13,653.21. This Indy Pace car, with its 220-bhp 350 V-8 is a big collectors item.
1957 was to be Corvettes biggest year, due to the Rochester fuel-injected 283-cid small block V-8. Corvette started building on its performance reputation.
This 1960 Corvette was sharp. It is finished in the rare shade of Cascade Green with white covers. Only 140 cars had this shade of green out of 10,261 cars produced in 1960. The interior is black and it has a removable hard top.
I have so many pictures and it is very hard to pick from them for this small post. What is better than ending the Corvette section than a red 59 Corvette.
There are many other cars of interest in the museum but since I want to keep this short, I will give you one more. A car owned by Charles Lindbergh. I saw this car whenever I visited the museum so I think its a mainstay.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of the museum and someday get to see it in person.  At $8 a pop, it really is worth the trip.  Here are some other random pictures to enjoy.

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